My name is Zaki and I’m trying to help change as many lives as possible! one life at a time.

Our only limitations are the ones we create in our minds!

I have always had a massive passion for Sports and Fitness and wanted to help others live fit and healthy lifestyles. Whatever your goals are, with determination, focus, and a change in mindset, we can make it happen together.

I like to practice what I preach, if a coach is not willing to put in the hard work for themselves, and have the focus and drive to look better, how can they advise on how it should be done.

I am always striving for better, in myself and in other people, I have always believed in learning from example, if I can change not only my physical appearance but also my mindset then so can you, I will give you 100% of my attention and dedication to help you change your lifestyle.

My qualifications

Certified Personal Trainer. American Council on Exercise

TRX Sports Medecine

Training diabetics (ACSM)

Fitness Nutrition Specialist (NASM)

Online wellness coach

General Orthopedic Physical Therapy Protocol

Precision Nutrition – Level 1