In-person training

Each Session is 1 hour long

​Pay-as-you-go sessions are $149

Discounts for purchasing package deals

Typically clients will work out anywhere between 1-5x a week depending on your goals and schedule.


Reposturing (Stretch/Activation)

If your weekly strength training routine just consists of lifting and conditioning work, you’re only incorporating two of the three ingredients necessary to reach this goal. What’s missing? Your ability to actually move all that meat and muscle around—also known as mobility. These 1 on 1 PNF sessions will help you get straight, gain more mobility to perform any exercise at your best, and decrease your risk of injury.


Online training

 I will custom-create your training based on your goals, equipment, available time, and abilities.

Get into my tried and tested program targeting all the key areas like chest, abs, Glutes, and arms. I can create HOME workouts, DUMBBELL workouts, and FULL home gym sessions. Get the perfect plan for you based on your goals, ability, time, and equipment.